The EQJOY Mission

We are on a mission to help families nurture their relationships, build emotional intelligence (EQ), and live more joyful lives.

The EQJOY Game

The EQJOY card game and Emotion Explorer are specifically aimed at empowering children aged 7 to 11 to become more emotionally intelligent through the power of play.

How are we distributing the game?

Rather than selling directly, we are distributing the games through charity and other child-focused organizations, such as schools and clubs.

Are you interested in being a distribution partner?

There are 3 ways to be a distribution partner: 

    1. to buy a batch of the card games at cost price for you to distribute for free
    2. to buy a batch of the card games at cost price for you to sell with a mark-up for the benefit of your organization
    3. to apply to receive a batch of the card game for free

Terms and conditions apply. 


If you are interested in becoming a distribution partner, or know an organization who could be interested, please use the contact form to contact us.

Who we are

EQJOY is a not-for-profit project that is a part of the broader Art and Science of Joy initiative.


The Art and Science of Joy initiative’’s mission is to inspire and empower people to live more joy-filled lives. Through a mix of tips and tricks, inspirational stories and hard facts, the aim is to empower people to make positive changes in their lives. 


Find out more about the Art and Science of Joy on our website and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

Our partners

We are proud to partner with the following organizations on the EQJOY initiative:

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